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Publicity Ideas For Business – 5 Great Ideas

Publicity ideas for business. We look at 5 winning publicity ideas for business to drive customers to your door and keep them coming back.

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Publicity Ideas For Business – 5 Great Ideas

1) Develop a strategic alliance with a non-competing business.  Find another business that could benefit from association with you. Mutual benefit and publicity is the key here. You make a lo-cal soft drink ? Try talking to local gyms and personal trainers. If you are a gardener how about offering to maintain a garden in a high foot traffic area in exchange for being able to place a tasteful advertising placard in it.

2) Advertise when you DON’T need customers.¬†Advertising and social media work should continued in the good times as well as the lean. In fact, the more work you do here in the good times then the fewer lean times you’ll have.

3) Freebies. Everyone loves to get something for nothing and there are a range of strategies you can employ here. If you are the type pf business that makes things you can give away then you’re off to a great start. If your business is harder to translate into free gifts then could you offer a free seminar or lecture on aspects of your business ? Could you offer a day when people could join you to learn some simple skills ?

4) Launch a Competition. Use a competition to keep your customers interested. Competitions can give away a single large prize, or a lot of smaller prizes. Decide which best suits your budget. Use the competition entry to gather information – e-mail addresses with permission to mail paves the way for further customer engagement.

5) Create a customer loyalty program. Purchase 10 cups of coffee and get the 11th cup of coffee free. It is a simple idea that locks customers into using your business over and over again. The loyalty reward can be in the form of gifts, or can be a discount for loyal use.

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