The key to a successful UAE event is not necessarily a generous budget, but a team of great UAE event managers. Regardless of how much you are able to invest in an event, it will still be a fiasco unless you avoid making some important hiring mistakes. As a rule, you will want to hire UAE event managers that are knowledgeable and experienced. Their portfolio will most likely guide your decision. However, the price of only looking at portfolios can be quite high. If you are not willing to risk compromising the success of your event, you should definitely be looking for some other important traits in your event planner. Publiseek can help you find the right UAE event managers among hundreds of professional event planning service providers across the UAE.

Here is what your UAE event managers should be like:

1. Enthusiastic. Don’t just go with knowledge, go with enthusiasm. Passionate people tend to be better at their jobs when they are able to do what they love. Enthusiasm and passion are often the ingredients that mediocre event planners lack, although they might have some of the other required skills. Also, enthusiastic UAE event managers are likely to bend over backwards to make sure your event is a hit. In the UAE’s highly competitive event industry, enthusiasm will often make the difference between an okay event planner and an amazing event planner.

2. Problem solver. Event planners are faced with unpredictable issues despite their experience. The right UAE event managers should thrive on finding and solving potential problems before they actually occur. For instance, they will be able to protect you from entering into disastrous legal agreements with your vendors. And, when they are not able to nip problems in the bud, they should be able and willing to work through them in the most effective way. If you have to sustain some unexpected costs, a good event planner will be able to find a solution to cut your event expenses as much as is possible and reasonable.

3. Very organized. Planning is all about proper organization. This means that you should look for UAE event managers who are proficient at managing time, budgets and other resources. Budgeting will be of utmost importance because the whole point is to get value for your money. Marketing your event will also have to be among the aspects your event planner is able to organize properly.

4. Flexible. Because some things always pop up at the last minute, your UAE event managers should be able to juggle various tasks at any given moment. The ability to switch gears and to accommodate requests within reason means flexibility and that is precisely what you need. If, for any reasons, you have changed your mind about the venue you had selected initially, your event planner should be able to find an appropriate UAE venue that is more attuned to your new requirements.

5. Creative. From time to time, your event manager may need to wander off the well-worn path because the paths that already exist may not suffice. Don’t be scared by that, embrace it. You want to work with someone that you can trust whenever a situation needs an unconventional solution. Who wouldn’t appreciate working with UAE event managers that help them save money?

6. Reliable. The right UAE event managers will always be there to take your calls or at least to return them. They will always show up for the meetings you have agreed on and they will always demonstrate commitment to your project. As in other areas of life, you want to be able to go to bed not having to worry that your event planner might leave you hanging.

7. Culturally sensitive. The best UAE event managers are people that demonstrate a good understanding of and a keen interest in other cultures. This is especially important in a multicultural environment such as the UAE, because you will likely come into contact with attendees and partners from very diverse backgrounds. Having a culturally sensitive event planner on board will limit the risk of offending your guests and thereby ruining your entire endeavor.

8. Personable. Your UAE event managers should be able to interact with various personality types. In fact, they should actively seek contact with all sorts of personalities. Because the industry of events is essentially about people, your event planner should have a demonstrated ability to build a strong network across the many fields of event production. This implies that your event planner should be a great communicator.

9. Detail-oriented. As with many other things, beauty is in the details. Your event managers should have a good understanding of the importance of details, knowing that these can make or break your event. A great sense of observation will be key to ensuring that things are really under control.

10. Tech Savvy. Although you are not hiring an IT expert, your UAE event managers should show interest in staying updated as to the latest advances in technology, wherever applicable to events. For instance, they should know what event management software to use for different purposes, such as ticketing or venue management. They should also be able to help you find the right UAE vendors, such as video service providers.