Whatever the point you have reached in your UAE marketing career, you will most likely keep pushing for a better position. As such, you are probably aware that advancing your UAE marketing career is an endeavor which requires the very same marketing skills you normally use to promote your company’s products or services.

Here are some tips to help you climb the ladder and advance your UAE marketing career:

Define your plan. Just as you would craft a marketing plan for your company, create a strategic plan for your own career. Use the answers to the following questions to help you get started:

– Where do I see myself 12 months from now? How about 24 months from now?
– What is the target position I am interested in? What is the profile for that position?
– What skills and experience can I rely on right now to support my goal?
– What are the skills and experience I still need to reach my goal?
– Does my current company provide me with the growth opportunities I am looking for?
– What prospects for advancement does the UAE market provide?

Showcase your expertise. One of the best ways to advance your career is to be recognized as a UAE marketing expert. Keep a marketing blog where you can share your insight on the unique challenges and opportunities that the UAE offers marketers and companies. Focus on topics that define the UAE market. Contribute opinion articles to magazines such as Publiseek Magazine and other marketing publications. Sign up for speaking opportunities at marketing events. Network with other fellow marketers at UAE business events. The goal is to get more people to be aware of the value you bring to any marketing department.

Write regularly. If writing is one of your preferred ways to build a stronger reputation, you need to publish expert content regularly, either on your blog, or in the UAE media. By publishing quality content on a regular basis, you can demonstrate several things. First, you have plenty of marketing topics to talk about. Second, you have enough experience and insights to share. Third, you are truly committed to leadership in your field by maintaining your interest and by sharing your knowledge with others. Don’t forget to engage with your audience by responding to their questions, as well as by using their inquiries to create new articles.

Connect with UAE marketing experts. It has been said that one’s revenue and achievements are proportional to the revenues and achievements of the top five people they network with. If you are committed to furthering your UAE marketing career, find other prominent UAE marketing experts to connect with. This is a great way to improve your knowledge and to uncover new potential within yourself, as well as new opportunities. Ways to connect with marketing experts in the UAE include following their Linkedin pages, their blogs and their websites. You should also attend events that are held by them or which they plan to take part in.

Master video marketing. As a marketing expert, you already know that video marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies because it delivers stories in a very user-friendly format. Create short videos to share your expert advice on Youtube or Vimeo, as well as on your own blog or website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin). This will show two things. First, you are not just preaching about marketing strategies, you are actually using them yourself. Second, you are demonstrating leadership because you are so confident in your own skills that you are not afraid to share some of your trade secrets. Again, this is about letting people know you are a valuable asset.

Continue your education. Successful people know that school may be out, but learning should be a lifelong endeavor. If you have already reached a top executive position, you probably know that your learning efforts and your hard work have brought you to where you are right now in your marketing career. However, just because you are a marketing executive does not mean you should stop improving your skills. Your current position is a sign of recognition of your skills and talents, but if you truly want to further your UAE marketing career, you should see yourself as a perpetual learner. Learn about marketing but also learn about yourself. Becoming better at what you do is dependent on your marketing skills but also on your personal development. Take an objective look at yourself and identify the areas in which you could use some improvement. Then, take steps to strengthen your skills.