UAE companies commonly see photos as a marketing tool to boost product sales. For instance, few companies and individual consumers who would think of buying anything without seeing it first. Fewer companies are aware that photos can actually improve their UAE trade show sales, too.

Here is why photos can boost your UAE trade show sales:

  1. Photos get more attendees interested in your UAE trade show. In other words, you get better prospects for selling your products or services. Attendees will want to know what is in it for them. Make sure your photos speak to that concern.
  2. Photos make attendees want to buy your products. If showcased ahead of time, good quality pictures of your products help spark your potential business partners’ interest. For instance, you may plan on launching a revolutionary solution to a long-standing problem in your industry. Your photos should highlight the virtues of your solution.
  3. Photos make attendees want to be a part of the “good crowd”. Featuring photos of renowned experts is a great way to attract your prospective attendees. As their good reputation also reflects on you, prospective attendees will want the opportunity to mingle and potentially work with you.

Here are some easy ways to boost your UAE trade show sales using photos:

Always use high-quality photos. Depending on their budget, some UAE companies may decide to hire a professional photographer. In particular, product photography makes uses of special lighting techniques to bring out a product’s best features. If you are unable to invest in a professional provider’s services, you may want to consider investing in product photography training. Thus, one or several trained staff members can take photographs whenever needed. As for the equipment, renting is an option to consider.

Take many photos. If your website is the primary tool you use to sell your products, it is advisable to include more than just one photograph of each product. This is necessary especially when you are launching a new product at your UAE trade show.

Post photos ahead of time. Any photos that you take to promote your trade show should be published on your website, social media, as well as on any other marketing channels you are using. The key is not only to publish them, but to make sure you do it ahead of time. This will help spark interest a long time before the actual event.

Include hashtags. Photos should be accompanied by the unique hashtag you have created for your trade show. Thus, any reposts will automatically create more visibility for your event.

Invest in Facebook ad campaigns. This essentially means that selected photos from your portfolio will reach a larger audience. When setting up a campaign, you can choose to promote your photograph with existing fans and their friends. Alternatively, you can boost your photographs’ exposure to a different audience, based on specific criteria (such as location, industry, etc.). Facebook also allows you to monitor the results of your campaign. Therefore, you will be able to determine the extent to which your investment paid off.

Capture all relevant details. If the main focal point for your trade show is a specific product, make sure you emphasize it properly. This can be done by paying attention to the following details: size, additional parts, and each step of the assembly process, if applicable. Close-up shots are very recommended when showcasing finer details. The more pictures you post, the easier it will be for your audience to understand the features of your product. They will also learn about the ways to use it for maximum benefits. The more details you capture, the greater the credibility of your product.

Include pictures in any press material. Good quality photographs will not only create interest among your followers and prospective clients, they will also help capture media attention. Photos should accompany any material which is intended for the press, such as press releases, brochures, goody bags, etc.

Use photos to advertise your next UAE trade show. The effects of good quality picture extend beyond the duration of the trade show. If you are planning to host a similar event in the future, you can use pictures from your previous UAE trade show to give your audience an idea about what they can expect from your other events in the future. Over time, pictures gathered from all the trade shows you have organized will further consolidate trust in your brand. The impact is even greater if you also feature respected key members of the industry or even celebrities.