Finding the right UAE vendors for your event should be one of your top priorities, whether you are organizing your own event or hiring a UAE event company to handle that for you, because they are critical to the outcome of your event.

Here are some tips for getting the right UAE vendors and partners who will enhance the success of your event:

  1. Identify your needs. The first step is to document your specific event-related needs. Before you are able to tell your UAE vendors what you want, you first have to define that for yourself. To define your needs, think about the characteristics of your event. What is your budget? Is your target audience local? Is it international? Do you need translators? What size is your event? What is the right UAE venue for your event? Will you be recording your event? Will you be serving meals? Are there any guests with dietary restrictions? These are just a few examples of questions you should be asking yourself before actually looking for vendors. Next, you can start the actual research phase.
  2. Look back on your past experiences. One starting point can be your vendor list from previous events. Any UAE vendors who have done a great job for you should be considered first, for two reasons: you have already become familiar with each other’s work styles and expectations, and you may be able to get a discount. Also, if you have hired a UAE event company who works with one of the vendors that have disappointed you, make sure to mention that. As such, they will be able to find other UAE vendors that can serve you better.
  3. Research alternative resources. Another good idea is to reach out to trusted peers who may have more experience dealing with UAE vendors. Industry associations can also provide you with valuable pointers. Reaching out to trusted partners and friends is advisable especially if you have never hosted an event before. Also, you can use online directories such as Sourceme or Yellow Pages. Publiseek is another time-saving option, as it provides a platform that connects suppliers and clients in a straightforward manner. By using Publiseek, you get access to hundreds of verified UAE vendors and you also get tips on avoiding mistakes when hiring UAE service providers.
  4. Reach out to your prospective vendors. In general, all UAE vendors can be contacted by phone or email. If, however, you would like to expedite the process, you can have the team at Publiseek reach out to hundreds of providers and get back to you with the top 5 offers you can choose from. This does not only rush the process, but it also makes it more effective because you only have to deal with the best customized offers, which have been filtered out from hundreds of proposals.
  5. Provide detailed requests. Make sure to include all the relevant information, such as: an introduction of your company; contact information; the nature and the purpose of your event; the summary of your needs; an invitation to submit a bid; and the proposed time and date for a live discussion.
  6. Hold a preliminary round of discussions. Analyze the best bids you get from your initial selection of UAE vendors by looking at the hard facts, such as technical terms and financial expectations. However, look at other soft aspects, too: openness, flexibility, quality of communication, etc. Such traits will increase your prospects for a great working experience. Discuss about the requirements of your event and the general experience your vendors have. Wherever applicable, ask for portfolios and client testimonials or reference letters.
  7. Hold another round of discussions. Once you have defined your shortlist, invite the remaining UAE vendors for a final round of discussions before you make your decision. Discuss more about the price and the special needs you might have related to this event. Whereas the first discussions were more general in nature, now is the time to be as specific as possible about any peculiar aspects of your event that might require special attention. You want to be sure that your vendors can handle your concerns. Take notes and review them after the meetings.
  8. Award the contract. Decide which UAE vendors to work with after carefully considering any meeting notes, supporting documents, samples and portfolios, as well as client testimonials or reference letters. Remember to put every requirement and every milestone in writing, in the form of a foolproof contract.