Content marketing is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd because it provides you with opportunities to demonstrate value. Here are some sure-fire content marketing tips for a major marketing strategy overhaul:

  1. Turn questions from customers and other stakeholders into blog posts.
  2. Convert PowerPoint presentations into SlideShare posts and embed them into website or blog articles.
  3. Create video tutorials and embed them in blog posts or website articles.
  4. Create podcasts from blog articles.
  5. Create blog posts based on every video you have created, but also embed the video in your article.
  6. Write content for buyers in each stage of the buying cycle.
  7. Use infographics to deliver key information.
  8. Create e-books based on older articles or blog posts you have written on similar issues and promote them on social media.
  9. From time to time, promote your blog content to email subscribers to increase website traffic and social media sharing.
  10. Focus on delivering valuable content which actually helps your audience solve important issues, instead of creating sales-based content.
  11. Promote your products with freebies such as free e-books.
  12. Invest in a mobile-friendly website to receive mobile search traffic.
  13. Unless you already use a .com domain, consider investing in one, as it is perceived as more legitimate than other types of domains.
  14. Create free industry surveys and create a report with the findings, which you can promote on social media and your website or blog.
  15. Invite reputable industry experts to write guest blogs on popular issues.
  16. Create “how to” and “why” posts, as well as checklists and quizzes.
  17. Share the same content more than once across social media to create more traffic and reach new followers.
  18. Get proficient at storytelling.
  19. Update your website based on the newest SEO standards.
  20. Share images on Twitter to increase retweets.
  21. Keep it as simple as possible when it comes to blog or article titles.
  22. Segment your emails based on the profiles of your subscribers, to make sure your content is relevant and your emails get higher open rates.
  23. Blog regularly but don’t force yourself to produce content every day.
  24. Include social share buttons on your web pages.
  25. Create a blog post series on a topic that your target audience finds particularly useful.
  26. Publish updates (blog posts) on Linkedin.
  27. Use online marketing tools to find out what your audience is interested in.
  28. Include calls to action in every key piece of content.
  29. Focus more on readers and less on SEO. Prioritize reader-friendly content over SEO-friendly content.
  30. Engage in social listening and create content (blog and website articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc.) based on the issues expressed by your target customers.