Depending on the scope of your UAE event, there will be budget items you will absolutely have to invest in. However, not all expenses are mandatory and, in some cases, you can cut your UAE event costs by going with more cost-effective alternatives or by eliminating some budget items.

Here are some great ways to dramatically cut your UAE event costs:

Maintain flexibility. Whenever your requirements are very specific and narrow, the likelihood of paying more is higher. Decide what the essential event-specific expenses are and save up for that. For the other budget lines, you can compromise. If a vendor or a partner offers you something for free, go for it, even if it may not be what you wanted in the first place. For instance, go for regular, plastic cups for your coffee breaks instead of renting china cups.

Invest in reusable items. To reduce your UAE event costs, you should only customize those items which you will surely not use for any other events. All other materials should be designed in a general manner, so that they can be reused later on. For instance, instead of adding the name and date of the event to the folders you will be handing out to attendees, only include your company name and logo. Other reusable items may include badges that differentiate vendors from sponsors and other categories. Also, directional signs, company banners and some of the materials displayed can be reused later.

Avoid the cheapest deals. Although some of the cheapest deals may seem tempting because they can really cut your UAE event costs, not all expense categories should be treated the same. Choosing the cheapest option sometimes ends up maximizing your costs, instead of cutting them. For instance, if you invest in the cheapest food, you cannot guarantee that some of your guests will not get sick. Even if you didn’t take financial responsibility for the costs of medical treatment, in the long run, you would still be losing money because your reputation will be damaged. And, because bad rumors spread fast, you will be getting fewer attendees at your future events. Don’t be Scrooge and only go with the cheapest deals where this really doesn’t imply important risks.

Choose package deals. Some UAE venues and vendors may offer you better prices if you buy several of their services. However, be wary of any venues that require mandatory in-house catering, as that may be costlier than if you had the option of bringing in your own caterer. The same goes for any other services that may be offered to you, such as photography, videography, equipment, etc. If any vendor offers a free bonus with any or some of their services, that is an option to consider.

Use free marketing tools. When you start marketing your event ahead of time, you can easily rely only on internet marketing tools, including social media like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, and email marketing. Another great promotion tool is an event video, which the right UAE video service provider may agree to offer for free or for less, in exchange for their other services. As for planning your event, you can explore a variety of free event management software.

Limit your paid staff number. Instead, find volunteers with event planning experience. Although you will not be investing money, you will still need to invest time in training your volunteer team. Also, you should assign a volunteer coordinator to manage the volunteers. As a token of appreciation of their hard work, offer your volunteers some perks. The best part of this is that those perks don’t even have to cost a dime. For instance, you can offer them some of your products or free entrance to one of your next events.

Print less. To cut your UAE event costs, you should only print material that is really necessary. Whatever can be replaced by technology should be taken into consideration. For instance, instead of the traditional pen-and-paper registration sheets, give your attendees to register online. You can also save on sign-up sheets by using the sign-up option included with MailChimp. So, you get to effectively market your event by email, and you can also have your guests sign up without sacrificing more trees.

Skip the goodie bags. Unless you feel you must, don’t give out any goodies. Besides, if you are going to offer your attendees the same ballpoint pens or notebooks you have already handed out on other occasions, it’s better to give up the idea altogether. If you still want to hand out some event memorabilia, you could try to get your partners or sponsors to contribute useful, interesting items that you don’t have to pay for.

Get professional help. Although you may think professional assistance is expensive, hiring a team of event experts can actually help cut your UAE event costs. It can also be more effective than if you were to organize your event on your own. There are many reasons to hire a UAE event company but the essential thing to remember is that professional services can really help you save time and money in the long run, while also promoting your event more effectively. From helping you to find the right UAE vendors to preventing you from entering into catastrophic legal agreements, UAE event companies can really be a life saver. Publiseek is a great tool to use if you want to find the right UAE event companies that will help you save money in very concrete ways.