Digital marketing is an ever-changing field which provides any UAE company with new opportunities and challenges to create great a digital marketing strategy.

Here are some tips to build a killer digital strategy that is sure to help you stay ahead of your competition and keep your customers coming back:

  1. Focus on interactive content. Traditional content marketing has focused on articles more than anything, mostly because it is easier and cheaper to create them, as opposed to other types of content. Content such as videos, infographics, and podcasts require more time and more money. As such, there are millions of articles out there, and there are also millions of people who are tired of browsing them. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you should focus on including interactive content, which many users prefer over articles. Also, interactive content is, by nature, more engaging and thus, more interesting. This is not to say that you should exclude articles from your content marketing. This simply means you should reduce your focus on articles and include other types of content in your digital marketing strategy.
  2. Engage with your customers on each communication platform. Some people prefer to contact you via email or telephone, whereas others prefer to send you messages on Facebook and Linkedin. Others may use your website contact form or Twitter. The key to successful online marketing in 2016 is to create meaningful connections with each of your customers. More and more customers seem to choose those brands which actually go the extra mile to connect with them. In practical terms, it often means that their inquiries are answered in a customized manner, as opposed to those automated messages that so many of us hate. What this means for your business is that you need to interact with your customers on the platform or channel they prefer to use. Consider investing in online marketing tools such as FullContact, which makes it easier for you to build relationships with your target audience by providing you with names, photos and social profile links of real customers.
  3. Pay for content distribution. According to a study, Facebook is now a low-quality digital marketing solution because each company’s posts are only shown to about 16% of their followers. This means it is getting more and more difficult to keep your fans updated for free. Many companies have even complained about this publicly on their Facebook pages. To make sure your valuable content gets distributed to a wider number of users, make room for paid content distribution in your digital marketing strategy for 2016. In addition, you can also invest in a paid advertising campaign, to promote your company page or a specific product.
  4. Use influencer marketing. To get more people to engage with your brand, you will have to reach out to them by using an influencer’s social networks. An influencer can be a respected industry leader, a renowned expert or even a celebrity. Look for a suitable influencer and use their Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin communities to distribute your content. Where pro bono collaboration with an influencer is not an option, you can also try to pay influencers to talk about your company, recommend your products or share your content.