Working with a UAE digital marketing agency can help companies extend their reach as never before, provided that adequate analysis is carried out beforehand. That is to say, you will need to give proper consideration to some essential aspects which may impact your digital marketers’ ability to provide you with outstanding results.

Here are some questions to consider before hiring a UAE digital marketing agency:

  1. Have you defined your goals?

As with any other project, the success of your digital marketing rests on your ability to clearly identify your goals. Some goals you may consider include driving online sales, increasing your target audience with social media, improving your content marketing, etc.

The reason why this should be treated as a top priority is that you are supposed to know your target audience the best. If you don’t know who your customers are and what they are expecting to get from you, you don’t have anything to build a marketing strategy on. If you are tempted to go with a digital marketing agency which promises to deliver without clear goals, don’t. It is understandable that you would want to save time and go with the provider that doesn’t request a lot of information before getting to work. However, it is highly unlikely that any UAE digital marketing agency can actually deliver high-quality results without clear goals and guidelines. Not only will you be wasting your money, you would also be working with a provider that clearly lacks any understanding of your brand and your mission.

  1. Do they know how to measure the impact of their digital marketing initiatives?

Any digital marketing agency that is worthy of the name should understand the importance of measuring their clients’ return on investment. In addition, they should be able to measure the performance of any digital campaign by looking at a number of things. For instance, they should be able to tell you how much it will cost to generate leads from each source they are using. As such, they should be able to indicate the traffic sources that produce the highest and the lowest conversion cost. Some digital marketers simply use metrics to prove to their customers that their marketing efforts have been successful. However, simply knowing how many people visited your Linkedin page or how many blog visitors you had last month is not useful. What is useful is knowing the conversion rate and the conversion cost associated with those figures. Any decent digital marketer should be able to put metrics into their proper context, so that you may be able to determine your return on investment. In other words, metrics should always be analyzed with respect to the revenue a particular marketing initiative has been generating.

  1. Given your budget, are your expectations realistic?

It goes without saying that you cannot embark on any digital marketing campaign before you have calculated your budget. The question is, have you considered your expectations against that budget? It is obvious that when you can spend a generous amount of money, your digital campaign is likely to be more comprehensive and thus, more effective. That is not to say that a modest budget (and a modest campaign) can only deliver modest results. So, you should not be deterred from investing in digital marketing if your budget is not very large. If you don’t have enough money to afford a comprehensive campaign (website traffic generation, lead and sales generation from multiple channels, search engine optimization, etc.), you should focus on those aspects which are deemed crucial for your business. Communicating openly about these aspects is an important element in your relationship with your digital marketers. What really matters is that you hire a marketing team which will be honest in presenting the estimated results of your future campaign. A good UAE digital marketing agency will be able to connect your goals, your budget and the campaign options which are available in that particular context. It is highly advisable that you avoid any digital marketers who promise to deliver too many things for too little money.

  1. Can you trust this digital marketing agency?

Trust is not only built by looking at a portfolio or reading testimonials from happy customers. What matters just as much is to be able to communicate openly with your agency about your needs. They should also be able to be open and honest about the feasibility of your goals, which may not always be realistic. They should also explain the time frame that is required for any action to yield results. When discussing your marketing options in the context of your budget, they should be willing to demonstrate genuine interest in your campaign by providing you with several strategies that could work within that budget. And, as mentioned before, do not trust agencies that claim that anything is possible within any budget and any time frame. Also, do not trust agencies that claim they can guarantee a specific number of sales conversions.