Any UAE company executive who takes pride in their vision should consider hiring a UAE PR agency to help build a better relationship with their company’s audience and other stakeholders.

Here are the best five reasons to hire a team of PR experts in the UAE:

  1. You want maximum impact for your UAE launch. Launching a new product or a company itself on the UAE market requires a host of crucial promotion activities: communicating properly with the media, engaging the audience via social media, organizing pre-launch and launch events, etc. A good PR agency will not only help you attract maximum attention before and during the event. It will also ensure proper follow-up and evaluation, as a means to keep reaping the results of the efforts which have been put into the launch itself.
  2. You don’t have the right contacts in the UAE media. Whether you are hiring a PR agency in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or elsewhere in the UAE, one thing is certain: their experts will be better connected to the UAE media than you. Not only will they have a strong database of valuable contacts in the media, but they will also know who to contact, how to pitch a story about your company, and how to maintain a good relationship with the press. In addition, they will be more skilled at getting media coverage for your events, if applicable.
  3. You are revamping a product or service. Bringing in external help is useful because you are basically bringing in people who look at your product or service from a different prospective. PR experts will not only notice something you may have overlooked, but they can properly highlight any noteworthy aspects. In addition, by revamping the way you communicate about your product, PR experts in the UAE may actually help open the gate to new audience segments on the UAE market. Proper communication will obviously require honesty on your part, because not even the best PR agency in the entire UAE will be able to sustain a proper communication campaign that is based on half-truths or outright lies. Be honest and share with them all the relevant information about your product, so that they may craft an appropriate strategy. And, of course, if your product is outdated or unsuitable for the UAE market, or if it is below the minimum quality standards expected by your target audience, any revitalization effort will be doomed.
  4. You are competing with a large pool of reputable competitors. When you are competing on a market that is already crowded with competitors of all sizes, you will need expert help to define the value proposition and the hard benefits you bring along. This is also the case when you are competing against large competitors who have been around for a longer period of time and who have a great reputation. The right UAE PR agency will have a good understanding of the UAE market and your competitors. Using this information, it will be able to prepare a communication strategy that emphasizes the unique strengths of your company.
  5. You are not prepared for crisis communication. A crisis can mean anything from having an unsatisfied client post something negative on Twitter or Facebook to getting bad reviews on TV or YouTube. As bad news spreads quickly, you will need to be prepared to counteract the negative effect of bad publicity before it does major damage to your reputation. Silence will not be an answer. In fact, you want to respond quickly and effectively. A good PR agency will know how and when to respond so that your reputation doesn’t get shattered.

Avoid hiring a PR agency if you find that:

  1. You want the same UAE PR agency that your main competitor worked with in the past. Working with your main competitor’s former PR service provider won’t make your company stand out more than it already does. In fact, if your competitor is no longer working with the PR agency you’re interested in, you should ask yourself two essential questions: “Why did they end their contract with this firm?” and “Was my competitor’s reputation when they were working with this firm?” .
  2. You think that hiring a PR agency is all you need to create a better reputation in the UAE. The very act of hiring a PR agency shows that you take your reputation seriously, especially if you’ve chosen a high-profile firm. However, having a team of PR experts working for you is not enough because building a good reputation is not only based on good communication. There are three components to reputation building, two of which fall under your responsibility: ensuring quality results and delivering them in a consistent manner. In other words, you need to make sure your products uphold the same quality standards every single time.