Have you ever wondered how to really hire an amazing UAE PR company that is actually able to improve the image of your company? There are the hundreds of PR professionals across the Emirates, so, it’s no wonder you might feel stuck.

And sure, they all see themselves as being highly creative and experienced. But creativity and experience are merely basic requirements. Getting unstuck and making a choice you’re happy with will depend on two things.

First, you must research and shortlist the most suitable PR companies in the UAE. Resources like Yellow Pages and Sourceme can be a useful starting point if you are able to allot enough time to the filtering process. Then, you must check portfolios and testimonials, prior to requesting quotes. If you are looking to save time and maximize your results, Publiseek is a fast, free and easy one-step solution to get up to five customized proposals from top PR companies in the UAE.

Second, you will need to assess the personal and professional qualities of the people behind the company name. What really makes a UAE PR company amazing is its people. Therefore, in addition to looking at a PR agency’s reputation and portfolio, look at its team members. More specifically, see if they have some very specific qualities which separate amateurs from professionals, but also pay attention to some important warning signs.

The traits of amazing PR professionals and companies in the Emirates

You can be pretty sure you’ve found some great PR professionals and an amazing UAE PR company if they exhibit these traits:

  1. They are great at storytelling. As famous writer and producer Steven Moffat once said, “We’re all stories, in the end”. Storytelling is probably the single most effective communication and marketing strategy out there. We all have a story and your company has one, too. Make sure you leave the task of building and conveying your story in the hands of professionals with a knack for storytelling.
  2. They are persuasive. A story that sells is not just interesting or fun, it is also compelling. Professional PR agents will be able to also present your story in such a way that it will attract attention from the media and other stakeholders.
  3. They are punctual. Because windows of opportunity are short-lived, it is essential that you choose a PR company whose people really understand the importance of delivering on time.
  4. They are well-rounded. The ideal PR company would be comprised of individuals who are interested in getting a well-rounded education. This means they take an interest in a variety of subjects, such as art, history, design, etc., outside of their day-to-day work. Such a trait is invaluable because, as one expands one’s knowledge, one can also become more creative and adept at making original connections between concepts and ideas.
  5. They are great networkers. The value a great PR team brings to the table resides partly in the quantity and the quality of the connections they can rely on to promote your story. A great PR company will make it a point to attend business and media networking events in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and elsewhere.
  6. They are detail-oriented. A great PR team will show genuine interest in knowing all the little details that can help them deliver great results for your company. Things they might show interest in are childhood stories of the company founders, important moments in their careers, etc. This is not an invasion of privacy, but a legitimate inquiry that allows professionals to truly understand your values and your motivations, as a leader.
  7. They value integrity. PR professionals with a high level of integrity will transpose this value into their work. As such, you will be able to entrust them with your projects, knowing that they will not make any false claims or promises on behalf of your company, which would spell doom for your reputation.

The signs of empty promises

Stay away from any PR company in the Emirates whose team members claim to have experience but show these traits:

  1. They think they know everything. Although you might feel comfortable leaving your project in the hands of people who seem to know everything, think again. No one knows everything and everyone hates a know-it-all. Besides, due to constant technological advances, the field of PR is ever-changing, so there will always something new and interesting to learn. Professionals who think they know everything are reluctant to learning new things and are resistant to constructive suggestions. They are also harder to work with and they can be arrogant. You wouldn’t want that, would you?
  2. They brag about their connections. Although it is important to work with a PR company that is well connected to the UAE media, you should stay away from companies who focus excessively on that. If you find yourself talking to PR agents who spend most of their time bragging about the big shots they know in Dubai, you should consider hiring someone else. Connections are not enough to replace good work. Besides, connections should be an issue only after you have awarded them the contract. You can’t talk connections before you get to actually discuss the details of your project, which will, in turn, determine the type of contacts that your PR agents will have to reach out to. So, an amazing PR company will focus on showcasing its performance, not just its connections. The same goes for PR companies that brag about having offices across the world.
  3. They promise you the moon and the stars. Great PR professionals are confident in their skills, but they don’t go overboard. It is unreasonable for a PR agent to promise unrealistic results. You shouldn’t push for unrealistic achievements, but you shouldn’t let yourself be fooled by any PR agency who promises fantastic, yet unfeasible results.