One of the great benefits of hiring a UAE event company instead of organizing your own event is that you get to save money. Although onboarding the right UAE event company does have a price tag, the expertise and the knowledge brought in by event experts is ultimately helping you save more money. Publiseek can help you reach out to hundreds of experienced UAE event companies.

Here are 10 concrete ways UAE event companies can help you save money on your UAE event:

  1. Because they know the busiest times of the year, UAE event professionals can book your venue during off-peak season, which is the most convenient option for your pocket. This means you get to save on meeting halls, but also on your guests’ meals and accommodation.
  2. Another way to cut venue-related costs is to have your UAE event provider come up with a list of the most appropriate UAE event venues. You may find new, atypical locations which can make your event more original, as opposed to always going for that same old location everybody uses for events. A less conventional venue can often provide better rates than the more famous locations.
  3. If your event provider consistently works with a specific UAE venue, it is very likely that they will benefit from a discount which they will subsequently pass on to you. Signing a contract for more than one event may also increase your savings.
  4. Any UAE event company with a solid background will likely have high-class connections everywhere. As such, they may be able to attract major UAE sponsors who are interested in raising visibility through your event in exchange for their financial support.
  5. Another way to save money on your UAE event is to thoroughly select the food and drinks to be served. Your UAE event company should help you determine and avoid the most costly, labor-intensive foods and beverages. For instance, serving hors d’oeuvres instead of sushi is more practical. It is also more practical to avoid salty snacks, as they make your guests very thirsty. As for drinks, your planner can give you some tips on how to reduce consumption (and costs). Giving your guests one drink ticket or two is one way to limit your expenses.
  6. Instead of investing in foreign foods and drinks which are more expensive, your UAE event company will help you save money on your event by negotiating deals with local food and beverage suppliers. Thanks to their negotiation efforts, you can get good-quality items at wholesale prices and you get to support the local economy.
  7. Your UAE event planner can also get your food and beverage suppliers to let you only pay for what is actually consumed, instead of charging you for the entire quantity that was ordered originally. This perk is often exclusive to event planners and event professionals.
  8. UAE event companies can also help you save money on your UAE event by negotiating prices with decor companies. By virtue of long-standing partnerships, they are able to get discounts on flowers and decorative items that the end client simply does not have access to. Flowers are very expensive, so letting your event planner to negotiate prices will really help you save money. Your provider can also give you other practical suggestions to cut your costs.
  9. Your event will most likely need some AV equipment, which may be costly if you rent it out on your own. A UAE event company can help you save that money in one of two ways: either they already have their own equipment, which you might be able to rent for free, or they can get you the equipment from one of their trusted vendors, for a low fee. They can also strike a deal with trusted UAE video providers who can lend their AV equipment for free, if you hire them to create a marketing video for your event.
  10. The right UAE event company will help you save money on your UAE event by checking your vendor contracts for any hidden costs. Because they have experience with all sorts of contracts, they will know how to read and understand the fine print, so that you don’t end up paying for more than you asked or paying higher fees for your services.