As reported in a recent study, an event coordinator is ranked the fifth more stressful job in 2016. Such a high level of stress is essentially due to the amount of responsibility that event managers and coordinators must take on their shoulders. A good UAE event manager knows that a client’s good reputation often depends on the success of an event. That is, obviously, a heavy load to carry. In the interest of cutting down on expenses, some companies will take on that load without knowing how heavy it can be. It is actually much more stressful for companies to organize UAE events without professional help, if only because the staff members that the event-related tasks are delegated to lack the priceless skill set, the knowledge and the leverage that event management providers bring to the table. In mundane terms, they may not know what to look for, where to get it and how to save on the various expenses associated with the event. And, in the process of finding the best solutions for a task they have very few skills to deal with, they might end up feeling worn out and depressed. That is an unnecessary level of pressure that can be avoided with some proper research into the possibilities that the UAE event management landscape provides companies.

So, unless you are hosting an event that is just meant for your small team, such as workshop or an annual party, here are the top reasons why you should entrust a professional event management company with your larger-scale events:

  1. More value for money. By the very nature of their work, a good UAE event manager already has a database of all things needed for successful UAE events: venues, suppliers, and vendors. They will most likely work with providers they have already verified in the course of previous projects. This means that your money is well spent on tried-and-true resources. Moreover, any discounts offered to your professional event planner will most likely be passed on to your company.
  2. More savings. When you are on a budget, you will naturally be inclined to cutting costs. But, unless you are a professional event planner, you may very well end cutting budget items that are very important. As such, you may miss out on essential marketing opportunities for your event. A professional provider will know which areas are essential and which should be treated as optional, thereby preventing you from making unnecessary expenses.
  3. Comprehensive event management. An experienced UAE event manager provider can be expected to cover all aspects of an event to high standards: invitations, UAE venue selection, vendor selection, contract signing, menu details, decor, social media awareness, entertainment booking, event photography and media relations.
  4. Better time management. Relying on an event planner’s knowledge also means you get to make better use of your time. A professional provider will spare you the burden of spending days in a row looking for the best venue for your event, the right caterer, the best decor supplies, etc.
  5. Deeper knowledge. Years of experience translate into better knowledge of what is effective and what isn’t. As experienced and competent as your staff may be, they may not be aware of the countless small details, complications and obstacles you can only learn about over the years. In other words, in most cases, a professional planner is simply in a better position to know what works best and what needs to be done to ensure your success.
  6. Effective marketing. Unless your company is able to effectively market events on its own, you can assume that large-scale events (charity balls, promotional events, exhibitions, trade shows, festivals, etc.) will be marketed more effectively by a professional UAE event manager, because they will rely on specialized marketing tools and media connections that you simply may not have.
  7. Legal expertise. Although your company may have its own legal service provider, it may sometimes be the case that, for lack of knowledge concerning the specifics of event planning, they might overlook important aspects that might later prove to be a liability to your company. For instance, a good event manager might advise you to include various risky scenarios in the event-related contracts you sign, in order to have you covered, no matter what.