If you are a top executive with a UAE company and you have invested in a UAE PR agent for all the right reasons, you should be able to measure their performance, so that you can determine three things.

First, you need to know whether the efforts of your PR service provider were successful. Second, you will have to decide whether to continue investing in similar PR campaigns. Third, you will need to figure out whether it is wise to continue working with the same provider or to look for another PR agency in the Emirates.

Here are five ways to see if you’ve made a wise PR investment:

  1. Calculate the number of media impressions. Track the number of media impressions (including press clippings) about your company across all the media channels which your UAE PR agent has used (UAE business publications, newspapers, blogs, social media, etc.). Calculate the total media impressions as follows: multiply the number of impressions by the circulation rate of each publication. For instance, if a publication has mentioned your company three times and it has a total circulation of one million, you will have had three million media impressions. Also, look at the number of UAE media outlets that covered your event, if applicable.
  2. See what kind of UAE media outlets covered you. A qualitative indicator for the performance of your PR agents is the type of media outlets they have engaged with on your behalf. In other words, look at the UAE publications that have mentioned your company, as a result of your PR provider’s efforts. Good UAE PR agents will do their best to have you covered by publications and outlets across the Emirates that your target audience is interested in. Otherwise, your money is not well spent, even if good publicity is still good, no matter what.
  3. Analyze the quality of media impressions. Merely counting the number of media impressions your company had over a given period of time is not enough. That only gives you a quantitative reference into your PR agent’s performance. However, the quality of what is being said about you is just important. For instance, you can say your PR agent was effective if most or all articles published about your company managed to capture your message and to convey your vision. The same applies if you have had good reviews in the press. Give more weight to this indicator especially if you have hired a PR agent to get you out of a public image crisis and to improve your reputation. Crisis communication is a matter of saving or losing face forever, so getting more favorable coverage in the midst or after a crisis can only show that your PR provider has done a good job.
  4. Compare website traffic and social media engagement before and after the PR campaign. The effectiveness of your UAE PR agent is also tied to the traffic generated on your website as a consequence of their PR efforts. As such, be sure to measure your website traffic before the PR campaign, as well. The same applies to social media, such as Facebook. Look at your number of fans before and after the PR campaign, but also engage in social listening to see what people are saying about you on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and any other relevant platform.
  5. Ask your new clients how they found you. To see whether your PR agent’s work really made a difference in your new clients’ decision to work with you, you can simply ask them that. If they have found out about you from a different source than all the traditional and non-conventional channels that your PR provider was able to mobilize, it’s pretty clear that you could have found a PR agency with more foresight.