Whatever your marketing goals and budget, you should be looking for a UAE digital marketing team that is able to cover the various aspects of successful online marketing campaigns. More specifically, the variety of the skills the team members have is a fairly decent predictor of marketing success.

Here are the most important skills any digital marketing team in the Emirates should have:

  1. Project management. Like any other project, your digital campaign must be managed according to sound project management criteria. This means that your digital marketing team should allocate a trustworthy project manager to design and implement each part of your campaign. In the initiation phase, they will work with you to set the general goals of your campaign, as well as the performance assessment criteria to be used in the evaluation stage. During the planning phase, they should work with you to define the scope of your campaign, figure out all necessary resources, and discuss the campaign budget. In the execution phase, they should check in with you on a regular basis, to make sure the progress that is made is in line with your requirements. Finally, in the assessment phase, they will gather feedback from you and they will deliver a performance assessment based on analysis tools. A great project manager will also be able to see the big picture. In other words, they will be able to understand how your marketing campaign fits into a larger promotion strategy. They will also have the ability to align any marketing efforts to the philosophy of your brand and the mission of your company.
  2. Website production. A good digital marketing team should also include at least a web programmer and a web designer. On the programming side, it is obvious that no programming means no website. Even if you use a WordPress template, it is still necessary to work with a good web programmer. For instance, landing pages which load faster are associated with higher conversion rates. It is true that the ad itself is essential to a prospective buyer’s interest (or lack thereof) in your product, but the landing page is the conversion factor. Designing online marketing campaigns requires the ability to create visual impact for brands. The web designer in charge of your campaign should be able to produce quality designs which appeal to your customers.
  1. Social media. An active presence of your brand on social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, is essential because that is where many, if not most, of your existing or potential customers are to be found. Paid campaigns through social media are a great way to boost your impact. Therefore, a digital marketing team should include at least one social media specialist who can create and manage effective paid campaigns.
  1. Search engine optimization (SEO). As many companies still use paid search, it is important for you to work with a digital marketing team that has search engine optimization (SEO) skills. SEO specialists basically insert keywords into the content of your website or blog, according to certain technical requirements. This serves to improve the ranking of your website in search engine results. It also helps you reduce your expenses by making it cheaper for you to place ads. If your ad is relevant for the keywords people look up on search engine, you will end up paying less for ads.
  2. Marketing analytics. Any investment in a marketing campaign is actually a waste of money unless you are actually able to assess the return on your investment. Knowing your customers’ preferences and purchasing patterns is also important because it allows your marketers to design better campaigns in the future. One such tool is Mixpanel, a complex solution that helps you measure engagement and retention not just by page views, but by actually measuring actions. Hootsuite is a great choice to manage all your social channels and post content, but it is also a gateway into your customers’ world, as it helps you keep track of what they are saying about your brand.
  3. Content marketing. A digital marketing team should include at least a content marketer who is able to produce and distribute a wide variety of valuable content in the form of articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, infomercials, etc. The content should be produced on a regular basis and should be engaging and informative. Your content marketer should also be able to measure the impact of each piece of content. One way to assess impact for individual pieces of content is to use Kapost Content Scoring, which is able to determine the revenue that a single blog post or tweet has generated for your company.