By now, you have probably read about the many reasons to hire to a UAE event company, as opposed to organizing your event on your own. Time and money savings are very obvious reasons to consider getting professional help. However, hiring an event management company is not just about time and money.

Here are three little known reasons to hire a UAE event company:

  1. UAE event professionals know better. As opposed to many event companies in other parts of the world, a UAE event company will be uniquely equipped to tackle the specifics of the UAE event market. This does not only mean better knowledge of UAE venues, UAE vendors and other event-related aspects. It also means better knowledge of the business and event strategies that work best. This may also include any cultural aspects that providers in other countries may not be aware of. In other words, a UAE event company will know what is in demand, what is not interesting to the UAE public, how to adapt your event to the requirements of the UAE market, etc.
  2. Two minds work better than one. Bringing a professional team on board means that you are enhancing your own vision and plans for your event. This does not mean you are putting your event entirely in the hands of someone else. If you want to maintain control over parts of your event planning process and share certain parts of the work, you can do so. The right UAE event management company will be able to contribute to those precise areas of your event where you need extra input.
  3. UAE event professionals are culturally sensitive. Experience has taught any reputable UAE event company a great deal about the subtle intricacies of organizing events in a multicultural environment. This can mean anything from ensuring no cultural mistakes occur to applying the right negotiation techniques. Due to their multicultural exposure, UAE event professionals will know everything about cultural etiquette and the small practical matters that are involved in event planning in the UAE. Although professional services have a price tag, you will save yourself a lot of embarrassment if you work with the right provider.

If you have gotten to this point, chances are you have already decided to hire a UAE event company to handle your event. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you avoid the following five hiring mistakes at all costs:

  1. No thorough background check. Properly checking a provider’s background begins with checking their website, but that is hardly enough. Make sure you check other important information such as prior work examples, industry credentials, client testimonials, vendor lists, and the experience of the company’s key people. Be specific about your needs, so that you may probe your provider’s experience with the same type of events. Publiseek can help you find hundreds of experienced event management providers in the UAE.
  2. Incompatible priorities. The right UAE event company should see your project as a top priority, just as you see it. Anything less than royal treatment is something you don’t want. Because you only get one chance to make a great first impression, your provider needs to show they understand the critical importance of your project and treat it accordingly. There are many cues to follow when checking whether your event is just as important to your provider: they are always in a rush when you meet up, they respond to your inquiries in a shallow manner, they fail to provide you with the requested information on time, etc.
  3. No backup plans. Because you never know what can interfere with your plans, you need to select a reliable provider. The right UAE event company should provide you with flexible plans for various situations where something may go wrong. For instance, they should be able to provide quick solutions when the weather changes or when your keynote speaker can’t make it or when one of your ushers gets sick the day before the event. Basically, anything can go wrong, regardless of how well your company has organized the event. While you should have a fair amount of understanding, you should still aim to work with a provider that shows foresight and a genuine intention of covering all possible scenarios.