Corporate events provide companies of all sizes with valuable opportunities to build and establish relationships with clients, stakeholders and the community at large. Whether you are planning to host a banquet or a networking evening, proper event management is key to the success of your endeavor. In general, large-scale events, such as trade shows, are better managed with help from a specialized UAE event company. Other corporate events that can benefit from the expertise provided by professional event managers include: conferences, ceremonies, conventions, seminars, workshops, festivals, concerts, networking events, exhibitions, fairs, team building sessions, product launches, sampling/tasting sessions, etc. However, with hundreds of UAE event companies, selecting the right one can be a demanding task in itself. Our guide will hopefully provide you with some useful ideas to keep in mind when shopping for an event manager.

Be specific about your needs and means

The first step to a successful event is to define the specifics of your event. Are you hosting a ball? Is it a conference? Is it a sampling session? An accurate vision of your event will help you focus on your objectives and create a clear picture for everybody else who is part of the endeavor. This will also help you communicate effectively with your UAE event company, as well as your suppliers and contractors; at the same time, this will help them make your dreams come true. Once you’ve painted a clear picture of your desired event, it is time to think about the budget. The budget you dispose of will determine the extent to which you can splurge or save. It is unrealistic to plan for a ball when you can only afford a networking session. When the budget does not allow you to follow through with your plans, you can reconfigure the initial plan. Alternatively, you can postpone the event until you have the means to organize it as you wish. The right UAE event consultants should be able to provide you with realistic options for your budget.

Do your homework

Once you have defined your goals and your budget, it is time to do a bit of research. Create a shortlist of suppliers in the event management business and ask them to provide a cost estimate based on a detailed description of your needs. Publiseek is a great resource for any company that is looking to hire a UAE event company.
Before contacting your selected suppliers, check their background and their reputation. Facebook, websites, forums, as well as government websites should provide you with a reasonable amount of information to guide your decision making. You may opt for a less famous company but you should still make sure their record is sound. Opt for a supplier that has a track record of successful events. Ask to see their portfolio and to get references from their past clients.
After you have made your first contact, pay attention to the supplier’s response. If the response is anything but prompt, professional and forthcoming, or if etiquette is missing, you should probably look elsewhere.

Details are everything

Before signing your contract, it is important to take a few other important things out of the way. For instance, you should ask for a list of your event manager’s vendors and suppliers. This is useful in determining the quality of the items and services you will get. If you are concerned about the environment, you might want to look for suppliers who also support your belief in sustainable event planning. It would be wise to include the list of vendors and suppliers as an appendix to the contract, so you don’t have any nasty surprises later on. What you see must be what you get.
Learn about the equipment your event manager uses. Top-quality audio/video equipment is crucial to the success of your event. Also, make sure an equipment test is included in the contract, on the day of the event, at the venue.
As accidents may happen, it is a good idea to ask for flexible clauses on cancellation/unforeseen events. In other words, a proper UAE event company should be able to craft a plan B, even if the only aspect that cannot be controlled is the weather. In the unlikely event that you need to change your plans, you will be glad you took care of this aspect – and so will your pocket.