Almost any company who has ever planned to organize a UAE event has probably asked this question. Here are some tips to help you decide when you should organize your own event and when you should work with an event management professional.

Organize your own UAE event when:

  1. You have experience with events. A track record of successful UAE events indicates your prospects for future success with similar endeavors. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”.
  2. You have all the necessary resources. If your in-house resources cover all the important aspects of organizing a UAE event, you should not hesitate to use them. The most important resources to consider are time, people, and money. In other words, if you have enough time to plan the event, if you have a team of skilled and dedicated people, and finally, if you have enough money to afford all the event-related costs, take on a DIY approach.
  3. You are planning a small event. If you are planning on hosting an internal training session or a small teambuilding event on the premises of your company, you can assign a team to handle the event management tasks. In general, low-key events that require limited resources can be managed internally.

Hire a UAE event management professional when:

  1. You can afford it. As much as you would want to have a professional on board, you must first look in your wallet. If you don’t have the necessary in-house resources and you can’t afford professional services either, you may want to consider postponing your event until your financial situation gets better.
  2. You have no experience organizing events. Having no experience has many other implications. For instance, you will spend more time to come up with solutions because you have to build your event planning knowledge. If you do have some experience but not with events of this magnitude, it is better to hire a professional.
  3. You have never organized a UAE event before. Although you may have experience creating and managing events in general, it is important to know the specifics of the UAE context. In other words, you should ask for professional help when you are organizing an event in the UAE for the first time. This is the case especially when you are planning large-scale events. The right UAE event provider will be able to assist you with finding the right UAE venues, vendors, etc. Publiseek can help you connect to hundreds of event management professionals in the UAE.
  4. You have some experience but your resources are inadequate. For instance, if you lack the proper connections in the UAE media, your event will go unnoticed. Professional UAE event management companies can supply all or part of the resources needed for your event, including the connections needed to get UAE media coverage for your event.
  5. You require the best event marketing strategies. UAE event management companies can provide a host of event promotion strategies and online event marketing tools. For instance, they can enhance your marketing strategy with event videos. Do your own marketing but keep in mind that professionals do it better because it’s the very reason they are in business in the first place. Event professionals can also help you measure the success of your event using social media and other tools.
  6. Your resources are better spent elsewhere. If you have important projects to attend to, it is better to delegate your event planning to a UAE event professional. This will create less stress for your staff and will also allow you to maximize your productivity.
  7. You can’t afford to blaze trails. Apart from their expertise and their connections, event professionals will save you the trouble of discovering the various ways to go wrong. Because they have accumulated a lot of experience, they will already know what to do and what to avoid in order to ensure the success of your UAE event.
  8. You need more creativity. UAE event management professionals are not only experts when it comes to organization and discipline. They are extremely creative, which means they can come up with all sorts of solutions that may not cross your mind.
  9. You could use an extra discount. As UAE event professionals have established their own networks over time, it is very likely that the discounts they get will end up being passed on to you. Moreover, event professionals can help you find the best ways to cut your event-related costs and to focus on the essential expenses.
  10. You require full commitment. A UAE event management company is fully committed to ensuring the success of your event. In addition to their time- and cost-saving expertise, they bring in their full attention because your project will be their only concern.